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If you cannot do great things do small things in a great way

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After almost 9 month, I decide to publish another post. Well, this is not an ordinary thing but in ordinary culture today, there is no blog post. nowaday ordinary ones use social networks and messaging app like telegram and whats app as all we do. In this nine month, I learn many things, tried something better than past and somedays, I did anything but after all, I found out that:

Being ordinary is better!


Well, if you being ordinary:

  1. you have many friends

  2. you have your family’s best support

  3. almost everyone like you

  4. you’re not alone anymore

  5. you have better chance to being success in the society

  6. and so on …


but everyone can not think in the same way, everyone can not be ordinary. all of that above results is my opinion . opinion of a one who thought is not ordinary because I believe that, this is not the goal of our creation. Yes, being ordinary is seen nice but until when?

Sometimes I think that all of your pain of your life is the result of this decision but my answer to this bad ideas is :

This is not the end, I am the creator of my future and my destiny.

I believe to this role of life:

Good thougts, Good words, Good deeds

I hope you believe too .