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If you cannot do great things do small things in a great way

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Being ordinary!

After almost 9 month, I decide to publish another post. Well, this is not an ordinary thing but in ordinary culture today, there is no blog post. nowaday ord...


Who is Bram Moolenaar?

Did you ever heard the name of this man? The answer of most of you is "No", So who's this man? He is a great programmer, name's Bram Moolenaar. This dut...

Is shell a programming language?

Most of us that use UNIX like operating systems like linux, at least one time, we used shell for doing our commands that we can not do that in graphical envi...

Historical message form finland!

25th august of 1991 in 20:57 . If you can not remember this date, don’t worry. you just waste your entire life! I’m kidding but this date of time was when a ...

Try to learn php, basically!

Hello guys, today I’m trying to learn php, basically. I learned some of php statements and features but that was not basically . Every times that I wanted t...